Rushi Kota
           SAG/AFTRA, AEA                    Height: 5’11” Hair: Black Eyes: Dk. Brown

Never Have I Ever -- Recurring Guest Star -- Netflix/Mindy Kaling
ICarly -- Guest Star -- Paramount+/Phill Lewis
Grey's Anatomy -- Recurring Guest Star -- ABC
(Emmy Nominated) Grey's Anatomy-B-Team -- Series Lead -- ABC
9-1-1 -- Guest Star -- FOX 
Arranged (Pilot) -- Guest Star -- CBS 
Adam Ruins Everything -- Guest Star -- TRU TV
​Extant -- Guest star -- CBS
Famous In Love (Pilot) --Guest Star--Freeform
General Hospital-- Recurring-- ABC
ESL-- Series Lead -- Jonathan Sacramone LLC.
Terms & Conditions -- Series Lead -- Alive at Sixty Five Prod.
The 101 -- Series Lead -- Little Fish Ent. 
The Royals-- Series Lead -- Dir.Andrew Lauer​

Feature Film 
Useless Humans -- Lead -- Dir. Stephen Ohl/Kinogo Pictures
Phobias -- Supporting -- Dir. Jess Varley/Defiant Studios
Divorce Party -- Supporting -- Dir. Hughes William Thompson
The One I Wrote For You -- Supporting-- Dir. Andrew Lauer
Super Mehra Brothers -- Lead -- Red Flight Pictures                     
Afghan Hound -- Supporting -- Maryea Media Prod.      
Episode 50 -- Featured -- Bleiberg and Impaler Ent. 
Short Film 
Super Mehra Bro. Promos-- Lead-- Red Flight Pictures
Generation Gap-- Lead-- Shooters Inc.
The Pretentious Lit. Rev.-- Lead-- Double wide Publications
                                         Vignette-- Lead-- Art Institute of NYC                                         
                              Stalker-- Lead-- Rope Line Ent.                              
Misfits-- LEad-- Dir. Henry Black Shear 
Mixed Drinks-- Lead-- NYFA Prod. 
Sex...Without Condoms-- Lead-- Ilium Ent. 
Guards At The Taj -- Babur -- Marin Theater Co./Dir. Jasson Minadakis  
Best Warm Beer in Brooklyn -- Eddie -- Dir. Andrew Lauer 
Ghost World -- Penderton -- Dir. Andrew Lauer 
Elaborate Ent. of Chad Diety-- VP-- Cap Stage/Dir. Jon. Williams
Boston Abolitionist Project-- Higginson/Brent/H.Clay-- A.R.T./ Dir. Steven Bogart
Great Catherine-- Edstaston-- A.R.T./ Dir. Scott Zigler 
Blanco Posnet-- Waggner Jo.-- A.R.T./ Dir. Scott Zigler
Hansel and Gretel-- Dad/Alex-- A.R.T./ Dir. Allegra Libonati
Imaginary Invalid-- Cleante/ M.X.A.T./ Dir. Jose Zayas
Much Ado About Nothing-- Claudio-- Curan Rep. Company
Merchant of Venice-- Lorenzo-- Playhouse 22
This is Our Youth-- Dennis-- T. Schreiber Theater
Penang-- Hindhi Shah-- Workshop Main Stage Theater 
Entrapment-- Raj-- Village Playwright Prod. 

M.F.A. in Acting from American Repertory Theater/M.X.A.T./I.A.T.T. at Harvard U.
Bachelors of Science in Industrial Management Technology w/ minor in Business Admin.

  Scott Zigler,
  Thomas Derrah,
  Marcus Stern,
  Igor Zolotovisky,
  Sergey Zemtsov, Kathryn Alexander,
  Robert Verlaque (T.SchreiberStudio),
  Will Lebow (Comedy)
UCB 101, 201, 301, 401

Voice & Speech
    Nancy  Houfek, 
  Jane Guyer-Fujita,
  Page Clements   (T. Schreiber Studio)
  Masha Zorina (Suzuki), 
Adrienne Hawkins (Jazz),
  Renat Mamin (Ballet),
  Jodi Leigh Allen (Modern),
Vladimir Sazhin (Droznin),
Marin Orlosky (Horton & Graham),
  Carol Reynolds (T. Schreiber Studio)

    Elaine Purcell Smith, 
  Pamela Murray,
  Donna Ames,
  Marina Smirnova
  Stage Combat/Swordplay
  Robert Walsh,
Rob Najerian,
Andrey Uraev,
Grigory Levakov
  David Hammond,
  Jack Wetherall
  Chet Walker (Fosse), 
  Ronald K. Brown,
  Daniel Passer (Cirque du Soleil),
  Will LeBow
  On Camera Technique
   Sam Weisman
Ben Travers

  Alexander Technique
   Tommy Thompson

Will Lebow  
Killian Mchuge
Chadrian Mcknight 

Special Skills: 
Accents: Long Island, Russian, British, Cockney, Southern, Indian.
Languages: Telugu, English. Drive stick shift, ride motorcycles.
Can make really loud pop with my tongue. Can raise one eyebrow. Play lacrosse.
Stage Combat Certified w/ Recommendation.